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12 Sep 2018
UX, or User Experience, is one of those buzz words that floats around a lot these days and is often associated immediately with building websites. Yes, UX is pretty crucial in web design but it’s actually extremely relevant in almost anything designed these days. From an app on your phone to your remote control UX has been considered. So really, you might as well know what it is..

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12 Sep 2018

UX, or User Experience, is one of those buzz words that floats around a lot these days and is often associated immediately with building websites. Yes...

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Learn To Love Your Websites Bounce Rate

07 Sep 2018

Bounce rate - the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page....

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Your Guide to Building a Website in the Construction Industry

15 Aug 2018

Having worked with Walker Construction Ltd. to help them build a brand new, modern website it got us thinking, how important is it to have a website i...

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Has Ryan found a new career in radio?

06 Aug 2018

Listen to Ryan on the Business Bunker radio show with Paul Andrews and Jules Serkin!...

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Law Firm Website Case Study: 4 Key Features To Include

27 Jun 2018

Having worked with Brachers, an award-winning law firm, to create their new website, we learnt a thing or two about what makes an effective law firm w...

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From School Leaver to Account Exec. and I love my Job at Angle!

12 Jun 2018

From being a school leaver to having a main role within the company, the transition has not only been enormous but both testing and fun! - I wouldn't ...

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#KentB2B we’re heading your way!

05 Jun 2018

We’re exhibiting! ...

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Through to the finals of the Canterbury Business Awards. GET IN!

17 Mar 2018

We are thrilled to be through as finalists for the Creative/Digital Award at the Canterbury Business Awards! We’ll be suited and booted, sitting dow...

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What Is User Experience And Why Should It Matter?

13 Dec 2017

User Experience, (or UX for short) — is a huge topic. Often characterised as the overall experience you have while using or interacting with somethi...

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The Power Of Imagery In Marketing

27 Sep 2017

So you’re sat at home of an evening, you’ve got the TV on maybe having a browse on the laptop, not really searching for anything for in particular...

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6 Tips to building brand and website synergy

06 Jun 2017

Synergy has come to be seen as a buzzword in corporate culture, but many people don’t even take the time to understand what it means. Synergy, in t...

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How the Internet has helped small businesses gain customers

30 May 2017

The internet has revolutionised the way in which business is carried out throughout the world. ...

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Angle Studios does Grow Kent – Some pointers….

19 Apr 2017

Last month, Angle Studios were proud to exhibit their work at the Grow Kent business expo in Canterbury alongside a number of other small-to-medium si...

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The New Rules of Web Design

31 Mar 2017

With websites now a ubiquitous resource for any company, standardisation has been a natural consequence, evolving into a design language which every p...

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Web Design - A Commercial Art

21 Mar 2017

Web design is a fascinating industry to be involved in, first and foremost because of the relationship between the Industry and the Art. ...

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Competitive Life-styling: Digital Marketers and the Influencer

21 Mar 2017

With online social platforms emerging as the most prominent way in which people express their identity, it is no wonder that marketers are drawn to th...

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How to beat Adblock in 2017

27 Feb 2017

Adblock may not be the topic which really gets you going, but stick with it - it’s only going to increase in significance to digital marketers, and ...

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The evolution of YouTube and what it can teach us about digital marketing & brand management

17 Feb 2017

From humble beginnings in 2005, YouTube has emerged as the most ubiquitous video content sharing platform on the internet. Since then, it has undergon...

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Choose your Vintage: Marketing to the Nostalgic

10 Feb 2017

So long as bucket hats stay on to Spike Island- that’s all I ask. ...

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The Current State Of Clickbait – And Why Digital Marketers Should Avoid It.

03 Feb 2017

Anyone who spends any amount of time on the internet nowadays will recognise clickbait – whether they call it by its ‘real’ name or not. ...

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Pick Your Poison: When Marketing gets Political

31 Jan 2017

This post was inevitable really. Whilst this has always been a topic open for discussion in advertising, the past year has been so turbulent as to for...

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Burst the London bubble - picking the right web design agency in Kent

27 Jan 2017

When you think Kent - the ‘Garden of England’ - you think of the coast, the countryside, seaside towns and picturesque villages. You wouldn’t au...

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What does 2017 hold for Digital Marketing?

12 Jan 2017

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome a new year of marketing and the trends that 2017 comes along with....

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From Apprentice to MD

12 Jan 2017

University isn't for everyone. Here's how to make it from an apprentice to Managing Director....

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Pink is the new Black!

25 Nov 2016


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What colour schemes should your branding use?

22 Sep 2016

How to select the correct colours to represent your brand, your website and the sector you're in!...

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Why we use ExpressionEngine and why you should too!

29 Jul 2016

ExpressionEngine developers in Kent. Ready to help with your website development....

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Help Angle to Help Others

20 Jul 2016

Loved your experience with Angle Studios? Know others that would benefit from our one-of-a-kind marketing approach? ...

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B2B Brilliance

17 Jul 2016

Back in April, two members of our team went to a Business-to-Business talk at Ashford International Hotel, Kent. ...

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Getting your Business Spotted at Discovery Park

16 Jul 2016

Despite the fact that there is a business in Discovery Park to suit just about every need the public has, we can work with you to get your company spo...

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The World of Wonderful Websites

12 Jul 2016

Beautiful and simple. Two things that every website should be, yet very few are. ...

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Facebook advertising IS for you!

14 Jun 2016

If you think Facebook is only for consumer-facing businesses you’re wrong!...

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Calculating the Return of Investment for Digital Marketing

13 Jun 2016

Whilst digital marketing has become an essential part of the modern business strategy, the way that we approach aspects of digital marketing is consta...

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Can’t afford the website you need? You can now.

17 May 2016

Are you in need of a new website but lack the funds to get one? Well it's time to consider "Websites by Licence"!...

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Jargon Busting Your Web Design Experience

16 May 2016

You’ve just started getting your website redesigned and there have already been many terms used by your agency that left you feeling lost. We’ll a...

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What’s a good analytics bounce rate? …And how to improve it.

31 Mar 2016

In this post, Angle Studios explains how you can make use of this bounce rate metric to improve site performance....

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6 Web Design Faults That’s Not Healthy For Your SEO

09 Mar 2016

For online businesses, surviving in a competitive internet-based industry takes a comprehensive approach, which involves two critical steps: • Ear...

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Ten ways to keep ahead of the competition

09 Mar 2016

Competition is a key part of business. You can’t escape it! No matter what sector your business is in there will always be someone in the same trade...

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Improve your client reach and engage your active audience in 2016

28 Jan 2016

As social media giants take the world by storm, captivating in excess of billions of people and collaborating them in a very finite web space, it’s ...

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The Coxless Crew

27 Jan 2016

They've arrived!...

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Best Christmas Adverts Ever!

02 Dec 2015

A lot like Christmas, TV adverts come and go constantly. For example, try to think and remember 5 or 6 adverts from the past and I bet you will strugg...

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3 Simple Ways To Ways To Speed Up Your Social Media Marketing

30 Oct 2015

No matter what industry you’re in, social media marketing is a time consuming process. In the simpler times of social media, sharing great content w...

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3 Other Social Media Platforms You Should Consider

30 Oct 2015

Social media has now become many businesses key component within their marketing plan. If you aren’t on social media, your competition may be benefi...

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Another Website Live, Another Happy Customer!

30 Oct 2015

For those of you in Kent and the South East, I am sure you would have heard of Betteridge & Milsom – a chartered quantity surveying practice that’...

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Is Your Website Driving People Away?

30 Sep 2015

Your website may have been running for a while and to you it all seems to be looking fine and running well. However, are you wondering why your websit...

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10 Tips to Building Your Social Media Community

23 Sep 2015

Angle Studios has recently been capitalising on social media gaining a large amount of followers across many platforms which has prompted interaction ...

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Welcome aboard Brendan

20 Sep 2015

Angle welcomes our latest member, Brendan Turner. Brendan has been witness to Angle’s growth and had become a familiar and friendly face from the ne...

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What a Web Designer Does (that you may not be able to)

28 Aug 2015

Web design is not easy and a lot of people don't quite anticipate the scale of the task they're undertaking when they set about doing it themselves. W...

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7 Creative Ways to Gain Customer Testimonials

27 Aug 2015

On your website one of the most powerful pages will be your testimonial page. A testimonial is a statement given by your customers testifying the qual...

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Current Trends in Web Design

26 Aug 2015

It's always important to know what is in vogue so your brand doesn't get left behind, feeling dated. Here are our top trends in web design at the mom...

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