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Get to know us

What is Angle Studios?
A strategic brand, website development and digital marketing agency. We have an eclectic portfolio of clients including blue chip, local authorities and SMEs, all rubbing shoulders with national organisations - we'll work with anyone looking to improve their brand. 

Who are we?
A lively group of designers, web developers and project managers coming together to bring a wealth of experience, insight and personality to any project we find in our sights. We have big name backgrounds with collective skills that are as diverse as our client base, whilst our ambition is focused and single-minded.

Where are we?
Discovery Park, Sandwich is our base of operations - but we also work as a ‘virtual agency’, meaning that our reach is truly global. A significant proportion of our client interactions are carried out in this virtual space, saving us both precious time and money whilst keeping our carbon footprint in check and ensuring cost efficiency. Like all successful relationships, we only meet when appropriate or necessary.

What we do
We want to be the catalyst that ignites a new era for your business; we'll get people noticing you, talking about you, and buying from you. 


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Meet the team

All Web Design Management

Ryan Grist

Managing / Creative Director

"My work life began at 16 as a graphic design apprentice. I joined global ad agency, McCann Erickson at the age of 19 and learned from the best; working my way up within the retail creative team working on many household brands.

I started Angle Studios in 2003 at the age of 23. The business has steadily grown year-on-year with clients such as Kent Police and UK’s leading key safe supplier, The Key Safe Company. 13 years later we have over 100 clients, a team of 13 made up of 6 in-house staff (and growing) and 7 trusted and close-nit associates. Come and be part of us - 2017 is going to be mega!"‚Äč

Brendan Turner

Project Manager

"Through previous roles I am confident in constantly evolving environments with a strong emphasis on customer service and achieving cost effective methods against client budgets. Here at Angle I look to ensure a smooth project completion with consistent and accurate client communication, utilising what I have already learnt both through qualifications and experience.

Already boasting a portfolio of high profile clients, joining this thriving and creative team was a no brainer and continues to be an exciting adventure."

Andrew Loveday

Sr. / Lead PHP Developer

"With over 12 years' experience developing web sites in PHP, I am the head developer at Angle Studios.

Having many years’ experience in developing small and large scale sports tracking applications, I possess a high level of knowledge in the use of Google Maps API integration and manipulation.

I am a keen sports person regularly taking part in running events to raise money for local hospices. I’m also a very keen cyclist."

Josh Somers

UX/UI Designer & Front-end Web Developer

"I've had a love for design since I was around 12 years old, my older brother would teach me how to create little things like cool forum signatures and small websites. Ever since, I've been working hard and have achieved many things; possessing a large creative portfolio ranging different mediums and categories (From Web Design to Concept Art), and having multiple items on Themeforest.

At Angle Studios my main purpose is to create visually and technically stunning creative work to ensure an easier and more pleasing process for our clients' customers."

Katie Williams

Marketing Executive

"My role here at Angle is exciting and always different, I am in charge of the promotion and advertising of our services whether that be at an exhibition or through social media. My job isn't all Instagram, Twitter and exhibitions though, I also spend a lot of time writing and uploading blog posts, tracking the analytics of our website and social media and making sure we are always growing and reaching new businesses to help, and if we aren't I'm assessing what isn't working for us.


To stay up to date with the daily musings of Angle Studios you can find us on Instagram and Twitter as @anglestudios - I'll see you there!"

Jack Sheppard

Account Manager

"Mine is that tough job of bringing that balance from expectations to reality and helping to deliver a robust, finished and tested product. Meeting new clients is one of the best parts of my job and we aim to please and cater for all requirements. My job is testing yet I wouldn't have it any other way. My future with Angle looks strong, with the self-motivation to be running this place when Ryan retires.

My colleagues are great and the work we produce is even greater! Take a look at our recent case studies here!"

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There is an eager team of creatives, developers and project managers ready to get stuck into working on your project.

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