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Kent Police

Design for print/POS

Angle were approached by Kent Police to carry out external point of sale projects throughout Kent.


• External banner stands that can be taken to events to bring awareness to Neighbourhood Watch

• Supporting literature

• Signage for areas around West & East Kent


Angle designed banners for West Kent neighbourhood Watch. The brief was to it keep simple, striking and kept within guidelines.

The literature was designed so any members of the public could relate to what the Police were trying to communicate. The signage was a simple signage project that you see attached to lamp posts around neighbourhoods.

External Signage

External Signage

We have completed a number of signage projects for Kent Police and West and North Kent Neighbourhood Watches. We produced artwork and arranged printing and supply to the various stations.

In addition we have also worked with a number of primary schools on a 'drive slow in Kent villages' campaign ran by Kent Police. This was to encourage young children to think about the dangers of busy roads. Competitions took place and the children could enter their sign design into the 'drive slowly' campaign competition where the winning signs were chosen, printed and used in and around villages. 

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

We're sure you have come across these very powerful vinyl’s used within Neighbourhoods around the country. We 'jazzed' them up quite considerably from the originals. The introduction of the chevrons give a warning look and feel with the neighbourhood Watch logo hopefully deterring unwanted visitors. The self-cling vinyl’s were handed out at various events and door-to-door to bring awareness to bogus callers and to coincide with the lamp post signage. 

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