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Regulatory Index



Regulatory Index approach Angle with the idea of creating a networking website that offers job opportunities, training courses and a forum of discussion for people within the Regulatory industry. 

The idea was to create a single location where people within the industry could collaborate, grow and share new and important information and guidelines. 



Our research for this product was varied between looking at different jobs boards as well as forums with easy to use processes and sign up forms to encourage use.

The forum we wanted to integrate to include easy to use management to ensure the information was relevant and not spam, so our research led us through a few options to establish the most secure and user friendly system.



The design had to be clean and organised to appeal to the appropriate target audience but also engaging in a wya to ensure users get the most benefit from all parts of the website.

Colours used throughout the website were established from the logo provided with a new green colour being added to provide clear call to actions throughout the website in order to keep guiding users down the intended routes.

The Build

The Build

For this project we opted to use the ExpressionEngine CMS and structured it in a way that allowed a great deal of flexibility for the client. In order to monetise the website jobs and training courses can be addded by the team for external Regulatory Companies, with an e-mail notification sent to all parties when an application is submitted.

The website also contains featured jobs, search functionality and members dashboard to ensure users of the website are delievered and can easily find the content adn information they want. 

The Website Now

The website has been live for a year and is consistently building traction with new users, forum conversation and jobs opportunities being added.

There is added potential of new ideas and integrations to further enhance the sharing of news within the evolving Regulatory world.... watch this space!

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