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Our Digital Process

It is paramount that every step of your project is carefully managed. Angle uses an agile project management process meaning that we do not proceed to the next stage until our clients are happy to sign off on what's already been produced.

Getting Started

Comparable Site Analysis

Our work starts before the project is even awarded. Our passion for new projects starts at proposal stage where conduct thorough research on competitors and comparable sites to ensure your new website stands out from the crowd.

Project Awarded

Great news you are now working with an agency that not only understands your needs but builds on them. For us every win is like the first.

Initial Meeting

Time to introduce the team you will be working with. We feel it's important you feel comfortable with the team, so let’s take this opportunity to discuss the project details and secure some of them finer points. From this you will receive a rough estimation on when we will be looking to complete your project(s).

Creative Planning

Analytics Analysis

We'll take a look at your site's Google Analytics (if you have them) from this we can analyse how your site is performing and use this information to design your improved website.

Website Brief Agreed

All this research sets the goals we need to achieve and formulates a full brief. Now the foundations are in place the project can start to flourish.


As you can see, we pride ourselves on the planning. Wireframes are created by using keyline boxes, annotating where necessary. This is the most preferred way as it is quick, easily adaptable and doesn't cause knock-on 'design' problems on consequent pages. We can even make these interactive so you can simulate the user journey.


Your site's family tree. A site map is a plan of the pages you'd like on your new website and how they fit together. This helps us understand what needs to be designed and you know what to expect.

Website Specification Agreed

Agree on what it is we are building for you. Some surprises are good, but we believe when it comes to a website, it's best to know what you're going to get.

Agile Development Plan

Let us tell you how we are going to manage your project to keep on time, on budget and manage expectations. We like our clients to know what we are up to at every stage, using our Agile Development plan to detail how the team will break the work down into milestones. With communication being key, knowing when you will receive a project is key to happy clients so we like to highlight our schedule to you. As you will see, you will play a big part in this as well. 

We use a project management tool call Teamwork which allows us to keep you updated as it stores all communication in a timeline, allowing us/you to set tasks, reminders and schedule work with progress bars clearing show our progress.



A showcase of styles, our thinking, our direction. This is our opportunity to show you the direction we would like to take the design, tone of voice and colour swatches. We take on board your existing branding and develop an innovative style, which we hope you'll love.


This is when all the research and planning comes together in one. This is the exciting bit, we love to blow our clients' minds away with ideas that you wouldn't have thought of. 

Final Designs Agreed

After taking on board your feedback and all changes have been made, the final designs are produced. Our developers will be working from these designs to build the site, so we will not move on until you are completely happy.

Front-End Development

'Kitchen Sink' of styles

We create a web page containing all the elements found in the design or required by the site to be used as a reference by all developers on the project. This ensures that there is consistency in styles throughout the build of your site.

Basic Pages

Taking the elements from the kitchen-sink, we construct your site's templates on a responsive grid. This is where your site becomes tangible on computers and mobile devices, though it is still just the bare bones.

Front-End Functionality

Let's add the wow-factor! Whether it's a video, an interactive slider or animated buttons, we'll get it working at this stage.

Testing and Amends

We do internal testing at this stage to make sure we've got the site displaying correctly on a range of devices and browsers.

Back-End Development

CMS Setup

Most, if not all of our websites will be packaged using ExpressionEngine CMS system.  We like to use this system because it is very flexible and allows us to customise the code for any requirement, thus meaning you can have anything you want, working in the way you want. The CMS is also very intuitive for an end user, and we receive a great deal of good feedback on the CMS.  

At this stage, we analyse the prototype we have been given, and begin to break it down into possible fields, input areas, etcetera.  For example, titles, sub titles, content areas, images, contact forms.  We then build these areas into the CMS so that data can be stored in the database and added, changed or removed with ease!

Template CMS Integration

Once we know we're storing data, we have one last challenge - to pull it through to the front-end website to match the designs. Fortunately, in the Front-end phase, the templates are carefully put together and are ready and waiting!  At this stage, we will run through those templates and mark up where the developer CMS should add the fields we set up earlier.  This combines our hard- coded templates with an easy to adjust CMS system, eliminating the need to know HTML to update your site.  Splendid!

Sample Content Inserted

After all of our templates are in place, we will fill the database with as many entries as necessary to allow us to test all of the functionality.  For example, if a news listing is to hold 6 articles, we will put in 7 to make sure our pagination code works.  This not only allows us to test across the board, but can also flag up where potential problem areas may be, and allow us to advise clients how to proceed around them.  This, often, is as simple as keeping word limits to a certain length, ensuring images are of a certain dimension or size.

Testing and Finalisation

Sitewide Testing

Ensuring a smooth transition to launch, we spend a lot of focus on testing utilising an all hands on site approach to ensure as many bugs as possible are found and fixed. We even use professional third party testing services to ensure cement the confidence that we are ready to go live. All our sites come with a warranty* to cover fixes.

* Please refer to our terms and conditions


Client System Training

Back to school for you as we ensure your key staff members understand how to use the Content Management System (CMS). This will be created and styled in a way that will be easier for you to get to grips with.

Setup Hosting and Domains

Providing we are contracted to do so, we will prepare your hosting and ask you / assist you with pointing your domain name to the correct place.  We will work with you to ascertain the best time of week to do this as it will mean your domain name cannot be accessed for up to 48 hours while it propagates.  If you are hosting yourselves, we will request details from you so that we can upload and unpack your site on your hosting platform.

NOTE: There are specific minimum requirements for ExpressionEngine.  Please discuss with us in the early stages if you wish to set up your own hosting to ensure your system meets them.

Client Sign Off

This is always a nice time for clients. The time has almost come for your new website to go live...just need your say so.

Getting you spotted

And finally... Go live!

After working with us to lovingly create and build your new site the time has come for it to be pushed live. We'll be on hand as it flies solo just in case, but our launches always go smoothly. This won’t be the end of our communication however as we like to hear how our creations are benefiting your business further down the line.

Ready to get cracking?

There is an eager team of creatives, developers and project managers ready to get stuck into working on your project.

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