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Greene King – Pub Company

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Java Bakery

We began working with Java Bakery in March, meeting

them at Discovery Park where they run their Bakery.

We was tasked to create and design them with a bakery manual

detailing the process of making their breads which they will use

in their bakeries.

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Supra UK – Key safe Company
The Supra UK C500 KeySafe is the
First Approved Police Key Safe.

In 2009 no key safe met police approval. The C500 is the only Police approved key safe in the UK.
The C500 has achieved a security rating and we launched it!
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Kent police
You can’t get safer than the police

We work with Kent Police and a number of Neighbourhood
Watches on awareness campaigns and POS.
Be safe. Get spotted.

West Midlands Ambulance Trust

Rebranding the new
West Midlands Ambulance Service
NHS Foundation Trust

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We are here to
help your business grow!

Marketing that promotes business growth.

Design for print
We still believe in the power of Graphic Design and its ability to inform, to persuade and seduce. Combine brilliant creative concepts with cutting edge design and the results are powerful. Literature, outdoor, corporate ID, newsletters, menus, direct mail….if it needs printing, it’s worth doing well. Based from our studios in Kent we are able create and produce fantastic concepts that will bowl you over.

Online & Broadcast
Reaching your customers through the two most intimate mediums available requires specialist skills. Web offers a one-to-one opportunity to deliver your message in a very personal way. Don’t blow it. We will work effectively for you….Successfully designing a great website design, produced by our talented designers based in Kent. Not forgetting SEO, email marketing and viral games, as well as the massive opportunities that social media presents.

Packaging and pos
Your packaging is the ultimate meeting of your product with its consumer in a very crowded place. If it’s not dressed up in its drop-dead best clothes ….then it doesn’t get spotted and it doesn’t stand a chance. In our eyes, packaging and pos are an invitation, a beckoning finger…and an enticement to buy, expressing your brand essence where it counts.

Marketing Strategy
Strategic thinking, audience insight and market analysis lead to precision targeting and a more focused approach; which all adds up to cost efficiency and a brand that knows where it’s going. The strategic foundations we build are the cornerstone of our best work. Ignore them at your peril.

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corporate literature
report and accounts
strategic advertising campaigns

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e-commerce web shops
bespoke & open-source CMS
strategic SEO

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pop up stands
external POS
in-store retail POS

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secret shopping
campaign planning
print management
account management

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ABOUT ANGLEAnd What Makes us Unique

What we are

A strategic graphic design, website design and development and marketing studio with an eclectic portfolio of clients including blue chip, local authorities and SMEs rubbing shoulders with national organisations. We’ll talk to anyone.

Who we are

A lively group of marketing, conceptual, design and digital professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience, insight and a sense of humour to the table. We all have big name backgrounds – and our skills are as diverse as our client base, whilst our ambition is focused and single-minded.

Where we are

Located at the Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent….and the world. Often working as a ‘virtual agency’ we avoid endless time-wasting, pointless commuting and cumbersome meetings. It’s our way of keeping down our carbon footprint – and being more cost efficient. Like all the best relationships,we only meet when appropriateor necessary….

What we do

We help move markets. Creative design, concepts and marketing solutions to get clients noticed and get people talking.We are the catalyst.

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Key Team Members

Team Structure

Ryan Grist

Managing Director

“With over 17 years of commercial experience and only just out my 20’s I achieved Student of the Year during my ‘hands on’ apprenticeship. I joined McCann Erickson and learnt from the best from the age of 19. In latter years working for them on a consultancy basis on brands like Vauxhall, Harley Davidson, Mitchell & Butlers & Sizzling Pubs Co.

I started up Angle Studios in 2003 with clients such as Kent Police, Neighbourhood Watch West Kent, Town & Country Housing Group and a UK’s leading key safe supplier, Supra UK, Greene King, and others.

Angle Studios are growing super quick.”

Andrew Loveday

Head of Development 

“I am a passionate web developer with over 7 years’ of commercial experience. I thoroughly enjoy learning and acquiring new skills to stay up-to-date and one step ahead of the game. My current skill set includes… HTML4, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, javaScript, jQuery, Mootools, PHP, MySQL and XML. During my experience I have built and worked on sites for a number of different clients such as… Hadlow College, Samsung, Marks & Spencers, Goldman Sachs, BBA (British Banking Association), NHS, Sky, Arcellor Mittal, Kent Association of Training Organisations, Map My Tracks sports tracking. I have worked for a small handful of development companies since 2007 who have each in turn had their own different types of projects and clients with varied requirements.”

Brendan Turner

Project Manager 

“Through a successful career working within a variety of different client delivery environments that includes large scale recruitment and property development. Through this I have gained skills in a constantly evolving environment with a strong emphasis on customer service awareness. Joining Angle Studios as a Project Manager to help ensure a smooth project completion with consistent and accurate communication I am pleased to be able to develop my skills whilst utilising what I have already learnt both through my degree and working experience.

In joining this thriving and creative team I am excited to work within a growing and recognised company that already boasts a portfolio of high profile clients.”

Simon O’Carroll

Head of Digital & SEO

“I have had a varied and successful career spanning the last two decades. Since starting as a technical artworker for Disney in 1990 I have worked in the Japanese Computer Games Industry alongside legends such as Roger Dean and Jeff Minter.

I have also played a key role in a large number of Blue Chip re-brands including Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lotus, HSBC, Barclays Wealth, Bass Taverns, Vue Cinemas and Athens Olympics.

In the last 15 years I have worked in a digital capacity & SEO, working on top end clients which unfortunately cannot be divulged… but they are BIG.”

Big agency expertise. Small agency fees.

A Collection of Quality and professionalism

Sandwich Festival
Greene King Pub Company
The Savoy
Java Bakery
Pure Contribution
West Midlands Ambulance Service
House of Lords
Brawn GP F1 Team
Kent Police

The only way to do great work is to love what you do…

–Steve Jobs


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